Titanium Bottle


Titanium Water Bottle

with Extra Plastic Lid 750ml


Titanium Bottle

Features Titanium Bottle

Titanium construction guarantees durability and light weight.

Corrosion-resistant titanium material imparts no odor and taste to water.

Threaded lid with silicone seal prevents liquid leakage.

Includes an extra plastic lid for replacement.

Bail on the lid for easy attachment to a carabiner or backpack.

Come with a soft pouch for convenient storage and transport.

Ideal for gym sports, camping, hiking, backpacking, cycling and home use.


Material: Titanium

Capacity: 750ml

750ml: 73 * 245mm / 2.9 * 9.6in

750ml: 73 * 245mm / 2.9 * 9.6in

Weight: 160g / 5.6oz


Titanium Water Bottle

Plastic Lid

Storage Pouch

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