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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Oral Gel


Name: Oral Gel Polish Pen Kits

Used for: Teeth whitening

Ingredient: Peroxide

How to apply.

Mould the thermoplastic mouth trays.

Bring water to the boil,and remove from heat to 70-80 degres,

and submerge one of the mouth trays into the hot water for 10-12 seconds,ensure the trays soft enough to mould.

Place the mouth tray into your mouth,covering your upper teeth.

Close your mouth and suck out all air and excess water.

With your finger,gently form the tray around your teeth by pressing your upper lips against your teeth.

Hold it inti your mouth 10-15 second then put it into cold water.

Repeat frocess for lower mouth tray.

Trim the mouth trays to the correct height.

Use scissors to trim any excess plastic.

Cutting down the mouth trays at the gum line helps avoid possible irritation.

Fill Mouth Trays and whiten teeth.

Place a small drop of gel on trays.

Place the upper mouth trays into your mouth,and adjust it.

Put gentle pressure on the upper mouth tray by pushing on your upper lip with your finger.

Repeat for the lower mouth tray.

(optional)Turn on the LED, and hold it close to your teeth for the duration of whitening treatment.

Package include.

10 x 3ml teeth whitening gel with tips.

2* thermoplastic mouth tray.

Paper shade guide.

LED white accelerator light.

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